Secours Populaire organizes beach trip

Secours Populaire organized its annual summer outing to Deauville beach on August 23. Every year, one in two adults and one in three children do not go on vacation.  Secours Populaire’s holiday campaign has been a huge hit since the 2000s. The 2016 initiative gave more than 185,000 people the chance of a summer vacation.

For the 4th consecutive year, around 15 Natixis Assurances employees from the personal insurance business line lent their support to the event and took care of the children participating in this unforgettable event.

Five thousand children from the Greater Paris region had a great time on Deauville beach, reveling in a host of activities: games, role-plays, swimming and blowing giant soap bubbles in the sun. The fun-filled day was made possible thanks to donations of Chèque de Table® lunch vouchers and financial contributions from Natixis Intertitres.

They will cherish memories of this amazing day as the new school year starts.