Unlocking your full potential

Natixis Anne-Lebel

People are our greatest asset here at Natixis. Client satisfaction is obviously our key priority, but our staff’s growth and fulfilment are equally important and provide the building blocks for our success. By encouraging mutual trust and openness, we foster empowerment for each and every member of staff and promote our teams’ performance. Meanwhile, we also enhance entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Our constant determination is our true strength. It is the cornerstone of our corporate culture and shapes our leadership, making Natixis a truly unique company where we give our clients our very best. Anne Lebel, Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis

In a constantly changing world, rules have changed.

Your job no longer defines your career path.


IMPACT & BEYOND... to keep challenging the status quo and make things change.

OPPORTUNITIES & BEYOND... to achieve endless possibilities to evolve and grow.

GROW & BEYOND... to develop new skills, meet new people and discover new ways of doing things.

MASTERY & BEYOND... to do what you do best and become an expert by continuous training and working with top professionals.

COMMITMENT & BEYOND... to bring to life solutions that matter to people and getting involved in causes crucial to our community.


Because you deserve much more than just a job, Natixis offers you a world of opportunities.