More than just a job

You deserve much more than just a job

Think BIGGER. Natixis offers you a world of opportunities.

Visuel Impact and Beyond

Here at Natixis, we encourage initiative and you have the opportunity to fully play your role, make your voice heard and have a very real impact within our company.


Strength lies in empowerment

We are a global bank with operations across 38 countries, but our local presence helps us stay close to clients and work on a human scale. A combination of empowerment and trust means fast decision times, access to top management and freedom of action for each member. Big enough to deliver, small enough to care. Here at Natixis, every staff member has scope to take initiative and take very concrete action to contribute to both the company’s growth and his or her own personal development.

Relentless innovation

Entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted at Natixis and has made us who we are today, earning our clients’ trust over the years by relentlessly pursuing innovation.

opportunities et beyond
Every talent at Natixis is unique, and so is every career path. At Natixis, you have the opportunity to choose the career you want, with the scope to grow and develop your skills to become an expert in your field.


A constantly evolving career path

Constantly challenging ourselves, always moving forward, thinking ever bigger.

In an ever-faster changing world, the way we learn and train is changing too. With access to an extensive range of resources, you will develop your capabilities on a daily basis, enhancing your expertise via our campus programs and gaining newskills, especially in the digital arena. We also offer tailored development programs via our in-house university to support the growth of our leaders and high-potential employees, who are the key catalysts in our transformation and the driving forces for our strategy.

Mobility is a key driver 

Mobility is a real priority at Natixis and half our positions are filled by staff already in the company. This mobility makes a vast contribution on an individual level as well as to the company as a whole. It helps us address our clients’ needs and requirements on their markets.So take advantage of our range of long- and short-term assignments worldwide to reap the benefits of our cultural diversity. Enjoy a variety of professional experiences as a result of our broader position within Groupe BPCE, our vast array of business lines and our offices around the globe.

Success comes from wellbeing

A caring environment and prime working conditions are key to helping you unlock your potential, so we make every effort to invest in your wellbeing. We encourage work-life balance and creativity with our enhanced workspace layouts, office software and digital systems to promote co-working, as well as remote working forgreater mobility.


Here at Natixis, each staff member can play a full and committed role in society, creating solutions that really count in the world. Natixis is committed...our people are too.


Committed... to society

Committed to making our convictions reality. 

We encourage our teams to support charity work, get involved in solidarity initiatives, and support education around the world. 

Committed... to the environment

Committed to becoming the key bank in sustainable finance.

We believe in green finance. That’s why we designing innovative financing and investment solutions to address today’s environmental and climate challenges. 

Committed... to our employees

Committed to promoting diversity of profiles and being attentive to our staff’s needs. 

Performance goes hand-in-hand with diversity. Our aim is to ensure that all our staff members can develop and grow. Every voice counts, so we reach out to our staff regularly to find out how we’re doing. We welcome their input on the working environment and the company as a whole,and take on board their feedback.