Paris 2024

An exceptional partnership – Paris 2024

Natixis officially became premium partner for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games on January 1, 2019, and this unique experience is an opportunity for our clients and staff to join in the enthusiasm and share these values ahead of the event.

"The 2024 Olympics belong to all French people everywhere. These Games will not merely be a bold sporting event, they will also provide an excellent opportunity to bring all people together country-wide in response to the challenges facing today’s society, and this goal is something we really have in common with Groupe BPCE" states Tony Estanguet, President of the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

François Riahi, CEO of Natixis: "The Olympic and Paralympic Games are among the most inclusive and visible games worldwide. This partnership will be an excellent driver for the Natixis brand and our business lines, and clearly fits with our strategic goals. This event also meets with our longstanding commitment to other sporting partnerships, and further underscores our involvement company-wide".


As an international, multi-cultural and multi-boutique company, we share the Olympic spirit and its values – going the extra mile and striving for excellence, while also pursuing a strong ethical dimension. We support talent and recognize expertise, and also encourage entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork and openness for our 16,000 staff.

Natixis has supported the Olympic values since the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, via its official support for the French Olympic team as a result of Groupe BPCE’s partnership with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

Paris 2024 will be both innovative and participative

Feel the Olympic experience:“For the first time in Olympic history, everyone can play an active role in the Games and not just be a spectator or watch from home”, notes Tony Estanguet. Everyone can get involved in connected and virtual sports, and fans the world over will have the opportunity to share in the Olympic experience and compare themselves to the best athletes the world over. They can even physically take part in some events open to the public, such as the marathon, which will take place on the same day and under the same conditions as for Olympic athletes. Several race formats will also be available to enable everyone to share in the Games experience, regardless of their sporting capabilities.

Four extra sports and 12 new events: Paris 2024 also took the opportunity provided by the International Olympic Committee to suggest new sports to enhance the schedule and further develop the concept, with this same aim of fitting the Games to our time, focusing on younger generations. A decision is expected at the end of 2020.

The four sports put forward reflect the aim of staging spectacular, creative events, while also providing a connection with culture i.e. climbing, skateboard, surfing and breakdance. The first three already feature on the schedule for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, but breakdance could also make its impressive first appearance in 2024.

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“Our aim is to showcase traditional sports but also to further enhance the event. Paris must continue to shape Olympic history as it has done in the past.” Tony Estanguet.



DEFI IMAGINE 2024 on 14 and 15 September 2019

On 14 September, 110 Natixis employees descended on the INSEP, France’s national sports center. Come from all over France and split into five teams, they spent two days competing in the inaugural DEFI Imagine 2024 event, organised by Groupe BCPE.

This unprecedented event, characterised by fair play, took place as part of GROUPE BCPE’s internal programme that focusses on our partnership with Paris 2024. A variety of activities were on offer for the 43 teams present, which together represented all the group’s companies and business lines. These included swimming, a combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running, 3-a-side basketball, badminton and table tennis. Many thanks to all the volunteers, supporters and competitors who made this magnificent occasion possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to the second DEFI IMAGINE 2024 event in 2021.


Let’s Go beyond!

But before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Tokyo, providing an opportunity to support the French Olympic and Paralympic teams, as well as the Beijing Winter Games in 2022.

Visit the official Paris 2024 site for more details 


Did you know?

We owe the five Olympic ring design to Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), who explained “these five rings represent the five parts of the world now won over to the cause of Olympism… what is more, the six colors thus combined reproduce those of all nations without exception”.