Take part in the digital race via inspiring paths

Every single day, women and men at Natixis contribute to give a broader scope and meaning to the digitalization ambition. Thanks to multiple talents – from data scientist to UX/UI designer, the experts' vast panel engaged in the pursuit of innovative projects boost our achievements. From schools' partnerships to commitments to promote women in tech passing by 89C3R research laboratory, follow our talents inspiring paths!

Natixis-IG Talents
An employee is working on his laptop during Natixis Insurance event promoting new technologies at the forefront of the sector


[LearningL'upskilling, a response to the transformation of jobs - 16/09/19

[Diversity] Women scientists: past, present and future - 29/05/19

[Collaborative Innovation] Natixis organizes its first ideation challenge - 18/04/19

[Committed Youth] Fostering communication between young people and leaders in G7 countries - 16/04/19

[Diversity] Managing in a digital age: daring to feel uncomfortable! - 16/04/19

[Diversity] Promoting women in the digital sector -16/04/19

[TransformationTransformation at Natixis starts with its teams - 21/03/19

[Sponsorship] Business Analytics for Future Banking": 1st Data Challenge - 01/02/19

[Diversity] How to promote the work of women in the Tech world? - 28/01/19

[Sponsorship] Natixis, École Polytechnique and HEC Paris set up the Business Analytics for Future Banking international teaching and research chair - 18/12/18

[Portrait] Mikaël, Data Scientist chez 89C3 Réaumur - 24/07/18 (video)