Changing the way we learn

Here at Natixis, we realize that skills development can no longer be restricted to traditional training formats, so we are enhancing our learning practices to provide staff with diverse formats, innovative arrangements and a greater role for experience-based and peer learning.

Lifelong learning is a must in today's competitive environment, with constant regulatory and technological transformation and extensive changes in the way we work. So the skills we need are changing, with a greater focus on soft skills and emotional intelligence – from cooperation to communication – and a greater need for agility to adapt to these changes.

From September 10 to 17, 2019, Natixis is offering its staff the chance to take part in its Learning Days, a week-long series conferences, workshops and events to better understand the training solutions and to discover new collaborative practices.

Natixis is giving its staff the chance to revisit the learning experience during a week-long series of events to learn and experiment with four conferences:

  • "The amazing power of our brains" with Erwan Devèze, writer, speaker and founder of Neuroperformance Consulting. He works as a consultant, trainer and coach in the fields of neuro-management, strategy and communications
  • "Personal training account: a key aspect for your development"
  • "Never stop learning" with Arnaud Mitre, co-founder of Coorpacademy, leader in corporate digital learning in Europe
  • "Learning with virtual reality" with Nicolas Dupain, Chair of France Immersive Learning