Natixis mobilizes its business lines to promote biodiversity

The earth is currently facing unprecedented mass extinction of its living species, as more than 60% of wild animal populations have disappeared in the space of 40 years1, while one million animal and plant species out of the estimated 8 million on the planet are currently in danger of extinction2.

The main threats for biodiversity are currently related to human activities. However, by destroying natural capital, the stability of our business models is also under threat, and the financial sector can – and must – play a role in the crucial environmental transition of human activities.

To address this challenge,Natixis pledges to protect biodiversity and raise awareness among its stakeholders via initiatives on its direct and indirect impacts, as part of the broader act4nature international program.

Natixis company today announces a series of concrete, measurable and time-bound pledges to safeguard biodiversity and natural capital across its various business lines – Asset & Wealth Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, and Insurance. The SMART aspects of these commitments (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) were approved by a multi-stakeholder committee made up of 16 partners and including several environmental NGOs.

Natixis' pledges place biodiversity right at the very heart of its environmental and social responsibility (ESR) program and the client relationship and are part of its ongoing broader commitment to supporting the environmental transition.

1 Source : WWF
2 Source : IPBES

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