Wealth Management

Natixis Wealth Management
and Natixis Private Banking

Natixis Wealth Management and Natixis Private Banking offer wealth-management and financial solutions to meet the needs of major private investors.

Fields of expertise

Natixis Wealth Management and Natixis Private Banking meet the needs of their French and international clientele with a wide offer of innovative and tailored solutions to structure their assets.

Their know-how takes in several areas:

  • Financial management
    VEGA Investment Managers, its management company, specializes in tailored investment solutions for private investors. It is also Natixis’ center of expertise in multi-management and open-architecture fund selection for all individuals, institutions and businesses.
  • Advisory
    • Wealth management advisory
    • Corporate advisory
  • Tailored solutions
    • Life insurance under French and Luxembourg law
    • Loans
    • Diversification
    • Real estate investments

Natixis Wealth Management

Natixis Wealth Management offers major private clients, businessmen and their families the best solutions for structuring and managing their personal assets.

In bringing together all the skills needed for wealth management,Natixis Wealth Management offers a wide range of products and services that fit the needs of a high-end clientele and offers comprehensive and adaptable responses for the long term.

Natixis Wealth Management is backed by its  VEGA Investment Managers subsidiary in all its asset management activities.

A diversified Open-architecture approach

To best meet the needs of its clients, Natixis Wealth Management is constantly on the lookout for the top-performing solutions, whether developed by its teams or by external providers renowned for the quality of their services.

A team close to its clients

Natixis Wealth Management, a human-scale entity, brings together under one roof all the expertise necessary to optimize its clients’ assets. This fosters smooth exchanges and a rapid and relevant decision-making process.

Because private and professional assets are often intertwined, the rigor and technical excellence of our experts enables them to imagine accurate and innovative solutions so as to provide clients with well-argued and relevant responses.

Natixis Private Banking

Located in Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe,Natixis Private Banking benefits from a stable regulatory and legal environment that best fits investors’ needs.

Natixis Private Banking is there to accommodate and serve an international clientele of current and future high-net-worth individuals by offering them a range of products and services to meet their needs.

A dual ambition:
  • To offer innovative financial and wealth-management products.
  • To understand, analyze, and meet the needs of its clients by offering them secure solutions that are right for them.

The Relationship Manager’s responsibility is to assist his client at each stage of his professional and personal life. Each Relationship Manager steers his client to the Natixis Private Banking experts who are most able to deal with the issue at hand.