Natixis, the expertise of three core businesses to better meet client needs.

3 core businesses 




- Advisory
- Capital Markets
- Global Transaction Banking
- Structured Finance

- Asset Management
- Private Banking
- Insurance 

- Factoring
- Sureties and Guarantees
- Leasing
- Consumer Finance
- Film Industry Financing
- Employee Savings Schemes
- Payments
- Securities Services



Seven integrated support functions at their service

All support functions at Natixis are integrated for better coordination and steering of its activities. Because they are integrated, the support functions can take part in the strategic and commercial development of Natixis' business lines.


  • Communications

Develops a brand and image policy that is consistent with the company's strategy; supports the commercial activity of all business lines.


  • Compliance

Provides advice in conducting transactions and creating new products, processes and activities; enforces compliance rules, including measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.


  • Finance

Undertakes accounting controls; steers the strategic planning process and follows up on its implementation; analyzes Natixis' financial performance.


  • Legal

Monitors legal risks; makes reporting tools available for steering processes; pools resources such as monitoring of legal issues, documentation and appraisals.


  • Human Resources

Ensures that human resources fit Natixis' needs and ambitions at all times; devises and monitors employment policy and career-management mechanisms.


  • Risks

Establishes Natixis' risk policies and oversees their implementation; sets the standards for measuring risk and approving risk-taking positions; runs risk-monitoring mechanisms.


  • Information Systems

Organizes and manages all IT assets; secures the working environments; manages real-estate assets and seeks to enhance their value; optimizes the quality and cost of sourced products and services.