Crude Oil Prices Soar (podcast) - 09/25/19

Following the attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, 5.7mn barrel per day of Saudi production i.e. 58% of the production level reported to OPEC in September have been knocked out. What are the potential impacts on oil markets?

HARD BREXIT: Which impacts to expect according to this scenario? - 07/01/19

A no-deal Brexit probability gains a strong increase following the latest events to date. How would this scenario impact British economy as well as BoE monetary policy in case Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister?

Smart capital for smart infra - 10/15/19

Position paper by Anne-Christine Champion, Global Head of Real Assets, Natixis

Telecom Finance: the 5G revolution - 10/11/19

Interview with Maxime Perrin and Robert Wallin, Telecom Industry Bankers, Natixis

Negative interest rates: an opportunity for infrastructures - 10/08/19

In a world with negative interest rates – actually over 14 trillion dollars’ worth of debt! – infrastructure represents an attractive asset class for investors. For governments, it is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity to invest in the transition to sustainable energy.

Research views: Global Gas market outlook - 10/04/19

By Bernard Dahdah, Senior Commodities Analyst and Joel Hancock, Energy Analyst

Chatbot’s technology promising future: a CGI expert's point of view - 07/24/19

   We met Stéphane Houin, a consulting director on emerging technologies and Head of the XP digital range for all banking and insurance operations at CGI, independent IT and business consulting services firm.  Stéphane Houin is interested in exploring new ways of interacting with artificial ...

Research views: Electric vehicle (EV) market outlook - 07/25/19

By Bernard Dahdah, Senior Commodities Analyst and Ivan Pavlovic, Senior Infrastructure/ Green & Sustainable / Hybrid debts Analyst at Natixis

How to survive against negative rates in Europe? - 07/04/19

Watch our analysis in the series OUR EXPERTS EXPLAINS: #3 Negative rates in Europe, by Cyril Regnat, Head of Research Solutions

Should we fear Libra, Facebook’s new currency? - 06/26/19

Following the new currency launched by Facebook, namely Libra, many questions arise about pros and cons of this digital money with high potential.

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