Managing in a digital age: daring to feel uncomfortable! - 04/16/19

Byline from Véronique Sani, COO of Natixis, speaker at 2019 Digital Women's Day .

Blockchain is already a reality here at Natixis - 04/16/19

Frédéric Dalibard, Head of Digital at Corporate & Investment Banking at Natixis, chairs the board of consortium R3, a start-up set up by a group of financial institutions and tasked with looking into uses for blockchain technology. It raised funds of $122 million dollars in 2017. He tells us about ...

Emerging markets: headwinds subside - 04/05/19

Watch our analysis in the series OUR EXPERTS EXPLAINS: #2 Emerging markets, by Lysu Paez Cortez, EEMEA Senior Economist from Global Markets Research

Interview with Thomas Garnier, Originator in the Green & Sustainable Hub, and Serge Demirdjian, Green Captain and Director in the Real Estate & Hospitality Industry Group, at Natixis’ Corporate & Investment Banking arm. - 04/03/19

At Natixis, the Green & Sustainable Hub’s cross-asset team in charge of developing financing and investment solutions in the ecological and social transition arena helps press on with the vital issue of energy transition by working closely with Green Captains, who raise awareness of this issue ...

BREXIT: What to expect from a 4th attempt? - 04/01/19

Third attempt, third failure: once again, Theresa May couldn’t get her plan accepted by Westminster. If a fourth attempt occurs and is rejected, what are the two scenarios to come?

European elections: which impacts should investors expect in May? - 03/18/19

Watch our analysis in the new series OUR EXPERTS EXPLAINS: #1 European elections, by Camille Neuville, Italy Economist from Global Markets Research

Outlook 2019: should we be worried? - 03/01/19

Find out more with 3 Natixis' experts.