Natixis' Infrastructure day 2017: what to expect - 11/15/17

Interview with Emmanuel Gillet-Lagarde, Global Head of Infrastructure & Projects

Germany’s economic trends and challenges - 09/22/17

The federal elections and the international motor show have pushed Germany to center stage in September. Sylvain Broyer, Head of Economics at Natixis, shares his views on Germany’s environment and economic outlook.

A closer look at Natixis Global AM in Canada with Abe Goenka - 08/08/17

As part of New Frontier, Natixis’ strategic plan, Natixis Global Asset Management continues to grow its global presence by focusing on key marketplaces.

Ramki Sundaram's outlook on Aviation Finance - 06/20/17

As part of the 52nd International Air Show in Le Bourget from June 19 to 25, Ramki Sundaram, Global Head of Aviation Finance at Natixis, shares his view on the outlook for the aviation sector and on our initiatives to better serve our clients.

Credit for young people: open data makes it possible ! - 05/02/17

For our younger clients, the transition to working life comes with new housing and mobility related needs. Consumer credit is one of the ways to finance this newly-acquired independence, but it can be difficult for them to get a loan. To offer these young people improved, secure access to credit ...

« Are you ready for 10-year us rates at 5%? » - Les Rendez-vous Research by Natixis - 04/11/17

Les Rendez-vous Research by Natixis On March 28, Natixis’ cross-expertise research team presented its new study called “Are you ready for 10-year us rates at 5%?”The studies are available at, the single cross-expertise research website.

Transcription of video "Three questions to Laurent Mignon, CEO of Natixis, on the 2016 financial results" - 02/14/17

[EuroBusiness Media (EBM)] Natixis, the corporate, asset management, insurance and specialised financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, one of France’s largest banks, just reported results for the full-year 2016. Laurent Mignon, hello. You are the CEO of Natixis, what are the key takeaways from ...