Credit for young people: open data makes it possible ! - 05/02/17

For our younger clients, the transition to working life comes with new housing and mobility related needs. Consumer credit is one of the ways to finance this newly-acquired independence, but it can be difficult for them to get a loan. To offer these young people improved, secure access to credit ...

« Are you ready for 10-year us rates at 5%? » - Les Rendez-vous Research by Natixis - 04/11/17

Les Rendez-vous Research by Natixis On March 28, Natixis’ cross-expertise research team presented its new study called “Are you ready for 10-year us rates at 5%?”The studies are available at, the single cross-expertise research website.

Transcription of video "Three questions to Laurent Mignon, CEO of Natixis, on the 2016 financial results" - 02/14/17

[EuroBusiness Media (EBM)] Natixis, the corporate, asset management, insurance and specialised financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, one of France’s largest banks, just reported results for the full-year 2016. Laurent Mignon, hello. You are the CEO of Natixis, what are the key takeaways from ...