Strategist Outlook Survey 2020: the key market risks - 09/09/20

36 strategist experts from Natixis with representatives from our affiliated investment managers, Natixis Invesment Managers and Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking have identified 2020 key market risks, expected to run through December in their new Strategist Outlook survey.

ESG investors commit to biodiversity - 08/04/20

Companies and investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks stemming from biodiversity loss and the destruction of natural ecosystems. Maintaining their resilience and ability to regenerate is crucial, especially to address the challenges related to climate change.

Sustainability-linked bonds – a new solution to support responsible finance - 07/16/20

Responsible finance has taken a growing importance for economic stakeholders, institutional investors and corporates over recent years, making it vital for issuers to provide increasingly detailed non-financial information on their sustainability strategy, and be in a position to measure the ...

Home-working: how far could it damage the office market? - 07/10/20

The Covid-19 epidemic has shown the effectiveness of home-working and has disrupted traditional work methods, accelerating the deployment of remote working.

The financial sector working to support biodiversity - 06/30/20

The earth is currently facing unprecedented mass extinction of its living species, as more than 60% of wild animal populations have disappeared in the space of 40 years1, while one million animal and plant species out of the estimated eight million on the planet are currently in danger of ...

The energy sector getting greener - 06/26/20

Recent trends in the energy industry suggest greater sustainability concerns as well as increased climate actions from the sector’s players, not only power utilities but also major European oil & gas groups

Five questions about cryptocurrencies - 06/09/20

The cryptocurrencies market has flourished since the start of 2020, with Bitcoin gaining close to 30.84% between January 1 and May 29, 2020, while the Bloomberg cryptocurrency market index stood at $395,43 on June 5, 2020. Are these virtual assets set to enter the mainstream? According to our two ...

Covid-19: is the infrastructure sector more resilient? - 05/14/20

The infrastructure sector is set to withstand the ongoing crisis much better than cyclical sectors, even if it is not completely immune. The crisis is unlikely to affect the sector’s strategic roadmap. Above all, it should act as a catalyst for efforts undertaken in the European Union to comply ...

Covid-19: what impact on European real estate valuations? - 05/07/20

The Covid-19 outbreak and the decline in GDP unseen since 1945 are a real challenge for European real estate markets. Our experts forecast that residential will be more resilient, with valuation drops of maximum 5%, followed by offices, 10% to 20%, and up to 30% for retail real estate.

M&A in Asia: 2020 landscape - 03/10/20

What are the key M&A trends we should expect in Asia in 2020?

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