How to survive against negative rates in Europe? - 07/04/19

Watch our analysis in the series OUR EXPERTS EXPLAINS: #3 Negative rates in Europe, by Cyril Regnat, Head of Research Solutions

Should we fear Libra, Facebook’s new currency? - 06/26/19

Following the new currency launched by Facebook, namely Libra, many questions arise about pros and cons of this digital money with high potential.

CORSIA - When aviation goes green - 06/21/19

The Paris international air show at Le Bourget opens today to the public. On this occasion, Gareth John, Global Head of Aviation at Natixis, takes stock of the measures put in place by the industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

Paris Le Bourget: gender equality in the aviation sector - 06/21/19

Aviation –one of Natixis’ four key sectors– and the promotion of gender equality are two pillars of Natixis’ strategy.

Seamless & Secure, can we still reconcile the two? - 06/03/19

Byline from Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, CEO Natixis Payments

Strong uptake for Instant Payment among our business lines - 05/29/19

Instant Payment enables users to make transfers from one account to another in just 10 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year. The service offers a range of advantages for all types of users whether retail clients, consumers, retailers, corporates or the public sector.

Trade & Treasury Solutions (TTS): using innovation to serve our clients - 05/29/19

3 questions for Anne-Cécile Delas Global Head of Trade & Treasury Solutions at Corporate & Investment Banking

Payments: a strategic challenge for retail networks - 05/29/19

3 questions for Christine Fabresse, Member of the BPCE Management Board, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Retail Banking and Insurance

EU elections: What governance for tomorrow’s Europe? - 05/28/19

Following the European elections that took place from the 23rd to 26th May 2019, many surprises have occurred according to the votes. What will be the next key dates to watch over and possible governance impacts on the ECB?

Managing in a digital age: daring to feel uncomfortable! - 04/16/19

Byline from Véronique Sani, COO of Natixis, speaker at 2019 Digital Women's Day .

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