Combining value creation and responsability - 11/26/18

Natixis pledges its renewed commitment its regarding the climate and the environment. Environmental & Social Responsibility (ESR) is a real long-term performance driver and an integral part of our corporate strategy here at Natixis. Louis Douady, Global Head of ESR, explains how Natixis combines ...

Artificial Intelligence: challenges and opportunities - 07/03/18

Three questions to Luc Barnaud, Natixis Chief Digital and Technology Officer: • What do we mean when we talk about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? • How can AI ve applied in our banking and insurance businesses? • How can we take full advantage of the opportunities provided by AI?

Investment is treading the path to sustainability - 06/05/18

In the framework of its Action Plan about sustainable finance, the European Commission disclosed last May a range of measures in order to clarify the duties of institutional investors and asset managers regarding sustainability. Discover the analysis of Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova and Chair ...

Natixis Investment Managers: an attractive business model in active asset management - 06/05/18

Interview of Jean Raby, Head of Asset & Wealth Management at Natixis

Interview with Ghislain Foucque, co-creator of Le Pot Commun - 05/17/18

Le Pot Commun is France’s second-largest online crowdfunding group and joined Natixis’ Payments business line in 2017.

Iberian Peninsula: analysis by Jesus Castillo, Economic Resarch Natixis / Spain and Portugal - 04/25/18

The sun is shining again on the Iberian Peninsula   The Iberian Peninsula has once and for all closed the door on its most serious economic crisis since returning to democracy in the 1970s. Although the legacies of past deep imbalances (unemployment and high debt) have yet to be overcome, ...

A view on the green and sustainable assets market - 03/21/18

Orith Azoulay, Global Head of Green & Sustainable Finance, and Louis Douady, Head of Environmental & Social Responsibility (ESR), provide an overview on the green and sustainable assets market.

Middle East: a high-potential region - 04/09/18

Interview of Simon Eedle, Regional Head, Middle East at Natixis

Global economic recovery: flash in the pan or bonfire? - 02/23/18

Three questions to Patrick Artus, Chief economist of Natixis