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Upskilling: a response to the transformation of jobs - 09/16/19

Digitalisation and general innovation are impacting on and transforming jobs. This represents a challenge for companies, which must evolve along with their employees. Broadening employees’ skillsets, also known as upskilling, is Natixis’ main response.

How safe are cryptocurrencies? - 09/16/19

Financial and public players are questioning how cryptocurrencies can fit in the existing regulatory framework. Still they are considered as new values with high potential. Here are some explanations.

Gender equality index - 08/28/19

Gender equality was announced as the major national cause for the current French President’s five-year term, and is a key priority for the country’s government. This goal has translated into concrete legislative measures, with a new gender equality assessment now compulsory for all companies with ...

Today’s climate generation raises a real challenge for employers - 07/04/19

Younger members of society are resolutely committed to climate transition and expect their employers to share their environmental and ecological convictions, so companies need to tackle this issue if they are to continue to attract the staff of tomorrow.

2019 Second Quarter Results - 08/01/19

Natixis published its 2019 Second Quarter Results on August 1, 2019 after market close.

Green insurers and responsible policyholders - 08/02/19

Natixis did not wait for the rest of the world to wake up to the reality of climate challenges and environmental awareness to take these aspects on board in its insurance business, as it strides forward taking an innovation-oriented approach.

Chatbots, the technology of the future - 07/24/19

Chatbots* are part of our everyday lives – they act as conversational agents to provide answers and services for users across a wide range of media.

Racing 92: 2018 – 2019’s season over! - 06/01/19

On Friday, May 31, 2019, Racing 92 brought its 2018-2019’s season to an end at Stade Yves-du-Manoir.

HARD BREXIT I Which impacts to expect according to this scenario? - 07/02/19

A no-deal Brexit probability gains a strong increase following the latest events to date. How would this scenario impact British economy as well as BoE monetary policy in case Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister?

Access to water is a major challenge for the financial sector - 07/02/19

The issue of access to clean water affects two billion people worldwide, and in light of this issue, Natixis is taking a range of actions.

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