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Commodities research : Iron Ore Outlook 2018-2019 - 06/12/18

A new report, Iron Ore Outlook 2018-2019, just released by our commodities experts within Natixis’ Research.

Natixis organizes a week of staff events devoted to work-life quality - 06/11/18

Natixis will organize the third edition of its “Work & Life Week” from June 11 to 15, entailing various events on the work-life quality theme as part of the “Work & Life at Natixis” program.

Distinctions for Natixis at the Extel 2018 survey - 06/06/18

The long-awaited Extel 2018 poll results were published on Wednesday June 6. Oddo BHF/Natixis’ joint brokerage and research activities and Ostrum Asset Management were singled out from among 18,713 nominees by the 11,333 experts who voted. This annual survey identifies the best research, brokerage ...

Innovative workplaces to foster collaborative work - 06/08/18

In today’s ever-changing environment, Natixis made a very deliberate choice to focus on agility and transformation as the company constantly adapts and reinvents itself. Developing co-working, flex office and digital nomad trends mean rethinking our work spaces to make them more open and more ...

Italie, in the spotlight again - 06/05/18

What are the consequences of the electoral situation in Italy on the financial markets? Our experts contribute their insights.

European Sustainable Development Week: Natixis is ready for the 2018 event - 05/30/18

Natixis is taking part in European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) for the thirteenth consecutive year. The event takes place from May 30 to June 5, 2018, with Natixis organizing a series of events and activities for its employees. The aim of this annual event is to promote Agenda 2030 and its ...

2018 First Quarter Results - 05/17/18

Natixis published its first quarter results on May 17, 2018 after market close

Racing 92 team is one of Europe's greats despite the shooting star - 05/14/18

Saturday 12 May 2018 in Bilbao, under an Irish weather, the San Mamés Stadium filled up for a beautiful final where the Ciel and Blanc had only one thing on their minds: to get their first star.

Racing 92: looking for two titles! - 05/02/18

Official sponsor of the Racing 92 rugby club since 2007, Natixis is proud of the Sky and White players’ exceptional journey this season, and shares with them the joy of their qualification to the European Champions Cup.

Natixis reaches a new milestone in complying with Paris Agreement commitments - 05/03/18

Natixis supports worldwide efforts to promote energy transition and provides very real financing and investment solutions that contribute to meeting the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. In keeping with this aim, Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, has announced that it has ...

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