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Current Events

Natixis takes action for handicapped people to be part of the workforce - 11/19/15

As part of the 19th Handicapped Employment Week event, Natixis is organizing a host of events to increase employee awareness about handicaps.

Natixis furthers its ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region - 10/23/15

Natixis continues to develop its global expertise in the Asia-Pacific region, through the Corporate & Investment Banking business and Natixis Global Asset Management. Natixis supports its Asian and international clients by adapting its solutions to local economic circumstances.

En route to COP21: experts from Natixis speak about renewable energy financing - 10/14/15

Just a few weeks before COP21, Natixis' experts share their vision on the renewable energy financing market.

Natixis partner of Paris Climate Action - 10/13/15

Natixis, which has a long-standing commitment to reducing its direct impact on the environment, signed the Paris Climate Action partnership agreement on October 12.